vol. 3, no. 20
December 16, 1998

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What's the deal with the new Object Desktop, Master Of The Empire, and the Annual Reader's Choice Awards voting!

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- Reviews -

Object Desktop 2.0 vs. Everything Else:

Object Desktop 2.0 vs. Everything Else - Chris Wenham
Launching and Switching - Sam Henwrich
Archiving and Packaging - Chris Wenham
Virtual Desktops - Sam Henwrich
System Stats and Monitoring - Sam Henwrich
File Management - Chris Wenham
Object Desktop 2.0: Conclusions - Chris Wenham

Master Of The Empire - Lief Clennon

- Surveys -

Vote for the 1998 Readers Choice Awards
It is that time of year again, time to vote for the BEST in OS/2 vendors and software of 1998. Results and awards will be published after the holidays break on January 16th, 1999

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