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Summary: Once more it's time to cast your votes for what you think are the best software products and developers for OS/2 in 1998!

It's time again to vote for who and what you think are the best vendors and products for OS/2 in 1998!

Every year the OS/2 e-Zine! Readers' Choice Awards gives recognition to the best in the OS/2 industry according to the final word on the matter: You.

Beginning now and extending all the way through the Christmas and New Year's season you'll be able to register your vote. The results and awards will be presented in our January 16th issue. Votes will be accepted until January 10th. Only one vote per reader will be accepted and must be accompanied by a valid e-mail address.

As you go throug the form, please fill in only one company, product or individual's name in each of the categories. If you have no-one to vote for in a category, please leave that field blank.

e-mail address
* We require the above information to count your nomination.

Developer Awards

Freeware or Shareware
Commercial Software

Internet Applications

e-mail Client
Web Browser
News Reader
FTP Client
IRC Client

Business/Productivity Applications

Word Processor
Financial Application
Communications Application
Graphics Application
Backup Application


File or Disk Utility
WPS Enhancer or Utility
System Utility
Archiving or Encryption

Development Tools

Environment or Compiler
Text Editor or
Programming Editor
HTML Editor


Edutainment or
Multimedia Application

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