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[BMT Micro]
[Indelible Blue]
[Modular Dreams Inc.]
[New York City Transit Authority]
[Prominic Technologies]

BMT Micro
Your complete source for over 175 of the best OS/2 shareware applications available. Drop by today and check out our WWW catalog or download the .INF version.

ChipChat Technology Group
ChipChat produces excellent 32-bit OS/2 software for wireless text paging and state-of-the-art multimedia Sound Cards for Micro Channel PS/2 computers.

Indelible Blue
Indelible Blue, a mail order company, provides OS/2 software and hardware solutions to customers worldwide.

Modular Dreams Inc.
A growing selection of graphics utilities and applications for OS/2 Warp and Java.

New York City Transit Authority
Soliciting bids for an Automated Software Testing Tool.

Prominic Technologies, Inc.
On-line sales & solutions for VisualAge, DB2, OS/2 Warp, Workspace on Demand, Notes/Domino, AIX Firewall, and Net.Commerce (design/hosting). The best deals on IBM and Lotus software and hardware (PCs, Servers, and RS/6000s) -- with OS/2 preloads!

RSJ Software
The successful software CD-Writer for OS/2 by RSJ. CD-Writer is suitable for backup, data filing, creating Audio CDs etc. and is compatible with most CD-Recorders.

ScheduPerformance, Inc.
Dramatically improve performance on your OS/2 system now with the patented priority scanning logic and visual priority identification of Priority Master II.

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