vol. 4, no. 2
February 1, 1999

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MiniSQL vs. MySQL: The databases square off. Plus: DragText 3.0, GL Cube and the Screenshot Contest Voting!

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- Reviews -

MiniSQL versus MySQL:

Mid-range, open-source SQL servers have come to OS/2. This week we compare the two best known free/semi-free databases recently ported to Warp.
MiniSQL vs. MySQL - Brian Carr
Performance Benchmarks

First Looks and Nifty Gadgets - Christopher B. Wright

DragText 3.0 - Chris Wenham

GL Cube 2.0 - Sam Henwrich

- Surveys -

Screenshot Contest Voting
It's time to vote for who you think has the best dressed desktop! The winner gets a $50 Indelible Blue Gift Certificate, but you can't vote for yourself!

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Chris Wenham
Chris Wright


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