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Thumbnail view of all current entries.

Because of the work involved in tabulating the 1998 Readers Choice Awards we had to postpone voting for the OS/2 e-Zine! Screenshot Contest until February 1st.

If you've been monitoring the entries as they've been coming in so far, you might want to check out some recent additions at Page 7 and Page 8

The winner of the contest will receive a $50 Gift Certificate from Indelible Blue! But please, if you submitted an entry to us, don't vote for yourself! We will be checking all votes and disqualifying those who disobey the rules!

To vote, enter your e-mail address in the space provided, then check the radio button next to your favorite desktop's owner. We invite you to browse each screenshot through our thumbnail view before choosing.

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(We require your e-mail address to consider your vote as valid.)

Carlton E. Wyatt (.JPG, 144K)
Timur Kazimirov (.GIF, 121K)
Winfried Tilanus (.JPG, 62K)
Mike Ryan (.JPG, 112K)
Basil Selden (.JPG, 67K)
David Wei (.JPG, 150K)
Tyrin Price (.GIF, 237K)
Annie Knight (.JPG, 77K)
Rolly Green (.JPG, 318K)
Emil Schweickerdt (.GIF, 245K)

Glenn Harrison (.JPG, 103K)
Gustavo Muslera (.GIF, 210K)
Mike Harris (.GIF, 98K)
Steve Wong (.JPG, 204K)
Barbara Baker (.GIF, 226K)
Chris Rosenboom (.GIF, 356K)
John B. Sandlin (.JPG, 76K)
Klaus H. Fuchs (.GIF, 481K)
Werner Geuens (.JPG, 135K)
Luc Van Bogaert (.GIF, 100K)

Matthew Rezny (.JPG, 496K)
Douglas Fleming (.GIF, 311K)
Magnus Ehinger (.JPG, 473K)
James Cannon (.JPG, 122K)
Krzysztof Konachowicz (.JPG, 148K)
Eirik Overby (.GIF, 284K)
Brad Hubley (.JPG, 445K)
Karoly Balogh (.JPG, 241K)

Ari Kemppainen (.GIF, 58K)
Daniel Ouellette (.JPG, 124K)
John Thompson (.JPG, 123K)
Klaus Post (.GIF, 45K)
Reinout van Schouwen (.JPG, 108K)
Thorsten Thielen (.JPG, 128K)
Daniel Jorge Caetano (.JPG, 142K)
Demostenes B. Pereira (.GIF, 96K)
Derrick Walton (.JPG, 46K)
Eugen Kuleshov (.GIF, 98K)

James Hanzalik (.JPG, 193K)
Thomas Nolte (.JPG, 150K)
Antony T Curtis (.JPG, 145K)
Adrian Gschwend (.JPG, 169K)
Andrea e Silvia (.JPG, 105K)
Bernice (.GIF, 256K)
Bill Rothwell (.JPG, 498K)
Dale Alling (.JPG, 78K)
Dmitry Ban (.JPG, 274K)
Guenter Schwaiger (.JPG, 215K)

Glenn Thompson (.JPG, 310K)
Jeffrey D Grinnell (.JPG, 194K)
Mike Evans (.GIF, 34K)
Nicholas Lysaght (.JPG, 42K)
Richie Liu (.GIF, 184K)
Rene Pawlitzek (.GIF, 347K)
Robert Sean Hartnett (.JPG, 197K)
Steve Wagner (.JPG, 180K)
Daniel Ventura Ara (.JPG, 124K)

Don Eitner (.JPG, 210K)
Don Young (.GIF, 208K)
Ernest Pellegrino (.GIF, 292K)
Hidehito Hanada (.GIF, 43K)
Costas Stavrou (.GIF, 244K)
Jeroen Akershoek (.GIF, 277K)
Jens Bäckman (.GIF, 389K)
Julio Biason (.GIF, 145K)
Matthew Hill (.GIF, 143K)
Paul Hek (.JPG, 135K)

Pierre Lucas (.JPG, 186K)
Thomas Nilsson (.GIF, 277K)
Wayne Swanson (.JPG, 60K)

(Please click the "Send it!" button only once.)

1. Only one vote per reader will be counted.
2. Do not vote for yourself, we will be checking!
3. Information must be received on or before February 20th, 1999.

The winner will be announced in our March 1st Issue!

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February 1, 1999