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CONTENTS       Vol. 4, No. 3 - February 16, 1999
Final Edition
Star Office 5.0, Norton Antivirus, an interview with Brad Wardell and more!
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- Reviews -

StarOffice 5.0:

Out of Beta and into our nitpicking little hands at last. We scrutinize the cross-platform office suite from Star Division and all its goodies in this extensive review.
Introduction - Chris Wenham
User Interface - Christopher B. Wright
Internet Integration - Sam Henwrich
Star Office vs. SmartSuite - Chris Wenham
Conclusions - Chris Wenham

Norton Antivirus 3.03 for OS/2 - Pete Grubbs

- Articles -

Rumors, Winks, and Brad Wardell - Chris Wenham
We decided to have an interview with Stardock Systems President Brad Wardell about these persistent rumors that his company will be publishing a new OS/2 client. Find out what he said and join the debate yourself

Logical Arguments for a New Client - Bob St. John
As a former IBM employee and now IBM Business Partner, Bob St. John has a clear understanding of why a new OS/2 client would make sense for IBM.

Building Dynamic Web Sites, Part V - Chris Wenham
Learn how to write macros for PPWizard and use them to implement nifty and time-saving widgets for your web pages.

- Surveys -

Would Stardock do a good job at marketing OS/2?
In our interview with Brad Wardell we learned that Stardock has serious plans for publishing and marketing a new version of the OS/2 client. Is this a good idea?

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