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CONTENTS       Vol. 4, No. 5 - April 1, 1999
April 1st Edition
GIMP/2 In Depth, New Java Programming Series, Screenshot Contest Winner, and more to come...
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- Reviews -

Gimp In Depth
A major addition to OS/2's graphics repertoire, GIMP/2 may still need to run in an X Window session, but it's well worth all the effort. We look at GIMP's features from a "How To" perspective, teaching not only the basics, but a few tricks that you can start using right away.
GIMP/2 For Button Pushers - Chris Wenham
Basic GIMP/2
Coming soon: Creating Sophisticated Graphics in GIMP/2

- Articles -

An Unhealthy Obsession With NT - Bob St. John
As Aurora looms, the new OS/2 Warp Server for e-business, Bob finds himself reflecting on where the industry and Warp Server are.

Into Java, Part I - Simon Gronlund
If our introductions to Rexx have whet your appitite any, you may now be interested in moving up to another easy-to-learn language: Java.

- Surveys -

What Peripherals Do We Need More Drivers For?
It prints! It Scans! It makes a cup of coffee! It doesn't work with OS/2! It might be the greatest toy to ever plug into your serial or USB port, but what good is it if it doesn't work with Warp? The programming talent is there to make third party drivers, but do they know what kind of drivers people want? Complete this survey and tune in next month to find out what kind of peripherals other readers want to see talking to OS/2

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Letter from the Editor
Chris Wenham
Chris Wright

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