CONTENTS       Vol. 4, No. 8 - November, 1999
Just when you thought we were dead... we're BACK
Software Reviews, a look at Warp Expo West and Warpstock, Into Java II, and a look at "Judgement Day"
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- Reviews -

The ACECAT III Digitizer Tablet - Dirk Terrell
Dr. Dirk Terrell looks at a digitizer tablet that - surprise - has native drivers for OS/2.

The Matrox G400 Max - Christopher B. Wright
Matrox's new video card has new and improved OS/2 drivers. And it's fast.

Scitech Display Doctor for OS/2 - Christopher B. Wright
The Scitech drivers have entered the ninth beta release. How useful are they?

System Commander - Kevin Salisbury
Looking for an alternative to OS/2's boot manager? Kevin Salisbury takes a look at a well-known substitute.

- Articles -

The California Show: Warp Expo West - Peter Skye
Peter Skye looks back on Warp Expo West

Warpstock '99 - Luc Van Bogaert
Luc Van Bogaert gives us an insiders view of Warpstock '99. New!

20 Questions at Warpstock - Introduction by Christopher B. Wright
Pete Grubbs managed to corner a few interesting personalities at Warpstock '99... and he didn't let them leave until they answered 20 questions.

Into Java, Part II - Simon Gronlund
Simon continues his exploration of the Java language... with sample code.
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