Nethead's Nook- by Brandon Fesler

I had several people ask me to put the poem I posted on USENET a few months back on here. So, who am I to be a spoilsport?


A Day In The Life Of An OS/2 User

I was in my local PC store,
Looking for some games,
But when I mentioned OS/2
They put my legs in chains.
I asked them what was going on,
But didn't get replies.
They dragged me through the dark back room
And blindfolded my eyes.
I was shoved into a van of sorts
And driven far away,
And when they dragged me out the door
It was no longer day.
I looked around and all I saw
Were people with blank stares,
They sat in front of big PCs
In plush ergonomic chairs.
My captors pushed me to a desk,
And on the PC came.
Up came the latest glass OS,
And it promptly asked my name.
I slipped up in the last name part,
And went to make it right,
But that PC crashed right then,
And it wouldn't restart all night.
My captors became furious,
They beat me over the head,
Shouting, "Next time you get it right
Or we will beat you dead."
I made the thing start up again
Sometime in that week.
I tried the Internet access, but
that needed many a tweak.
I tried to do some drag and drop,
I looked for SOM.
But every time I did all that stuff
The PC crashed again.
By that time I was beat down hard,
And my memory isn't that great.
But I swear I overheard somewhere
a name that sounds like "Hate".
He's the one who shouted, "OS/2 is dead!
Get our stuff, you idiot fool."
I only remember him so well
Because of his persistent drool.
One day I found a big long pipe,
And beat my way outside.
I found a passing trucker,
And hitched myself a ride.
He told me I was in the northwest,
In Washington state,
And that it was the capitol
Of all OS-debate.
I'm back home, alive and well,
Still using OS/2.
But I'll warn you, next time you want games,
Just call Indelible Blue!

NetHead is a working stiff. He uses OS/2 to get the most out of his home PC. He is the acting President of the Oklahoma City OS/2 Users Group and his web site is back on-line, albeit in not-so-great shape, at

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