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As a former help desk person and the CO-SIG leader for the OS/2 User's group here in Austin, I am often asked where I get my technical information. Well, here is my biggest secret in trouble shooting OS/2 Warp... the IBM Technical Connection Personal Software CD-ROM (we'll call it the TC from here on in). Although there is a DOS implementation, I am going to speak of the OS/2 side of it (of course, the only side we're interested in!).

The best way to describe the TC is that it's like an encyclopedia. Information on the TC is refreshed monthly, and you can buy a single copy or subscribe to get monthly or quarterly updates. It's a single source for valuable information, presented in an easy to use format. The components of the TC (which I will describe in detail later in this article) are:

The US/Canadian version of the TC (check the web site listed below for information on the worldwide issue of the TC) contains two CD-ROMs, and the installation is painless. I have personally installed it on several different PCs and haven't had a problem. You can accept the default paths that the installation routine suggests, and in a few minutes you're off and running with your very own help desk at your fingertips. The installation consists of two parts: loading the required files on your hard disk, with the desktop icons being created, and the installation of AskPSP (the support database).

Because it does modify your config.sys (for update and path purposes) you will need to reboot after the installation is completed. If you are like me and do not like defaults, here are a few things to keep in mind:

The information on the TC comes from a lot of people... technical support experts, developers, testers and, of course, the users themselves. It covers a wide range of IBM products, both LAN and standalone. OS/2 Warp, OS/2 2.1, OS/2 LAN Server, OS/2 Warp Server, TCP/IP, OS/2 Warp Connect, DCE for OS/2, DB/2, Communications Manager, MMPM/2 are just a few of the products you can get information on. Data is also pulled from various bulletin boards, internal IBM documents, problem databases, etc. Of course, outdated material is removed as warranted.

Y'all want to know what's available? Here is a breakdown on a per section basis:

As you can see, there is a LOT of information, and it changes monthly. You can have all of this on your desktop... without downloading from the Internet, or calling support. It really is a help desk on CD!!

For more information, or to order the TC, call 1 (800) 992-4777 or see the TC web site. For those of you who reside outside the US/Canada, also check the above web site or call for more information regarding distribution to your country.

Stacy King is a Level 2 analyst for CTG at IBM. She is married to wonderful husband, Larry, has a 3 year old son, Brandon (future computer geek), is a member of the Central Texas PC User's Group, the OS/2 Co-SIG Leader for CTPCUG and a member of Team OS/2.

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