the Rave: Kris Kwilas' Highly
Unofficial OS/2 Beta FAQ
- by Brian L. Juergensmeyer

Have you ever wondered when the beta of the next version of OS/2 (Merlin) will be available? Or what ever happened to OS/2 for the Power PC? If you have and you haven't found the answers, you haven't checked Kris Kwilas' Highly Unofficial OS/2 Beta FAQ.

That's what I'm here to rave about. For those that haven't gotten around to reading it yet, the Beta FAQ is the information source on upcoming operating systems, programs, and utilities from IBM. The Beta FAQ is divided into areas that deal with Merlin, OS/2 Warp SMP, FixPaks, Warp for the Power PC (a subject that has, sadly, been relegated to the bottom of the FAQ with the other subjects that don't change very much) and other OS/2 topics. If IBM makes it and you want to know about it, it is probably in the FAQ somewhere.

Kris started the FAQ, as he states in the welcome page, in an attempt to cut down on the number of repetitive postings to the comp.os.os2.* hierarchy. I've personally never paid enough attention to be able to tell whether or not Kris has succeeded, but the recent spate of "Where's the Merlin Beta" postings in comp.os.os2.beta suggest that some people are just not paying attention. If they were to aim for Kris' FAQ and just read the information there, they would realize that the Merlin beta hasn't been released yet (at the time of this writing).

Other available subjects in the current edition of the Beta FAQ deal with Warp SMP, Win32S support, FixPaks for Warp, WordPro, FLG and Striker, Java, and the infamous "Other" category. Kris has also put in an area that contains news that comes in between versions of the beta FAQ.

In short, this is one great source for rumours, gossip, solid information and just general catching up. And Kris Kwilas is a volunteer! Neither IBM nor anyone else (to my knowledge) contributes money or time to Kris' endeavour; he maintains this incredible resource for your and my enlightenment out of pure good will! It's definitely an OS/2 resource worth raving about.

The beta FAQ is the one stop source for information on the future plans of IBM as they deal with everyone's favorite OS. Do yourself a favor and download a copy of it. And then be polite and thank Kris for donating his time to maintain it.

Brian L. Juergensmeyer is a college senior majoring in microbiology, who does OS/2 consulting work in the Manhattan, KS area. He is annoying the VA hospital in Topeka, Kansas (where he actually works) by trying to get their IS manager to convert from NT/WfW 3.11 to Warp Connect/Warp Server.

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