the Rave: Xit v2.2

There is a certain little desktop enhancement that is long overdue for a Rave -- CodeSmith Software's Xit v2.2. You'll find this utility mentioned elsewhere in the pages of OS/2 e-Zine! (issue #5's rundown on desktop enhancers) but I think everyone should know how incredible it really is.

This is another example of how bright shareware authors are blazing a trail where bigger, slower software corporations can't even begin to follow. Xit is super useful, super small, and super slick. We have all gotten used to having one-click close buttons by now; the Mac has had them for over 10 years and even Windows (95) now has one. And Xit certainly isn't the only app to provide OS/2 with one.

But the one-click close button is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This software is extremely configurable, allowing users to place a zillion buttons on either the left or right of any window's title bar to do about a zillion things. What things? How about roll up windows, move windows, cut, copy, paste, help, etc., etc. If the ton of predefined button functions aren't enough for you, you can even invent your own. Likewise if the cool button bitmaps aren't your cup of tea, you can customize those too. This thing is great!

And simple?! You run it, it adds the buttons. You click the "options" button, a big, simple dialog opens for you to choose your functions from. Even the advanced options (setting special items on pop-up menus, assigning commands to mouse buttons) are straightforward. This is one piece of software that I installed, ran, and understood right away. I've never once had to look at a readme or manual to figure out what a feature does.

Of course, as for any utility that is meant to run continuously, you'll eventually run into some programs that have a problem with Xit. Even that has been thought of and taken care of elegantly. An exclusion list is provided where the user simply types in the name of any program that finds Xit offensive. Voila! That program doesn't get any funky buttons and never even knows Xit is around. Even when it doesn't work, it rules.

As Chris Wenham says, the "roll up window" alone is cool enough to justify buying Xit. I must admit, rolling up a window doesn't do a lot more than minimizing it would but it is rather sharp. Ok, so I'm a sucker for glitz. At least this glitz doesn't come at the price of functionality. Xit is solid and beautifully discreet.

So how much does a shareware author think such a wonder is worth? How about US$15? No that's not a typo, $15! In fact, if you prefer to pay in Canadian dollars and register directly with CodeSmith Software, they have a Canadian money at par policy. So the price is actually US$15 or CDN$15! At this price every one of you should download and register just to show you support innovative OS/2 authors. I mean it! Go do it, right now!

 * Xit v2.2
by CodeSmith Software
MSRP: US$15 or CDN$15

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