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Q -- I use Merlin in my small business and Netscape v2.02e is my native browser of choice. I have found that many of my suppliers are moving into Internet on-line sales. Unfortunately, they are now requiring a minimum of Netscape v3.0 (or Explorer v3.0) for access. What can I do?

A -- The solution is simple. There is a command line switch that will tell Navigator v2.02 for OS/2 to "behave" like v3.0 so you can "fool" such web sites.

Just enter:

in the 'Parameters' entry field of the Navigator properties notebook ('Program' page) and Navigator will tell web sites that it is v3.0.
- OS/2 e-Zine! Staff

TIP -- There is a simple little trick I have learned that helps with the inevitable dropped carriers incurred when trying to install FixPaks from the WWW.

Suppose you've made it to the seventh file, and you get the drop. Do not erase the retrieved XR*.* files. Save them to another subdirectory temporarily.

Now delete everything, including the original subdirectory structure (but not your temporary one!) and reattempt the Software Update. Initially, while downloading the install routine (also zipped), a VERY temporary directory will be created, the name of which starts with a $ sign. Open a separate OS/2 window and note this name. When you see the next temporary subdirectory exists, use the other window to move the previously downloaded files to it. The program will recognize the files already there and skip the download process for them.

- James King

Q -- I want to know why after installing Navigator for OS/2 in my system, when I click on the Navigator (modem) object it tells me it can't find a LINKUP.EXE file... I searched my entire hard drive for it but I do not have it. I believe LINKUP.EXE is a dialup program for OS/2. Can you help me with this?

A -- I'm not sure why your system would not have LINKUP.EXE, however, you do not need it. Here's what you do:

Open the properties notebook for Navigator by right clicking on the object and selecting 'Properties' from the pop-up menu. In the 'Path and file name' field it should say 'LINKUP.EXE'. Erase that and type in 'NETSCAPE.EXE' (without the quotes). This is probably already typed in the 'Parameters' field, so delete it from there while you're at it.

That will stop the program object from trying to run LINKUP.EXE and will cause it to run Netscape directly instead.

- OS/2 e-Zine! Staff

Q -- I am looking for a particular IBM Redbook, but I'd like it in INF format: "TCP/IP Implementation in an OS/2 Warp Environment" 8.0 It's Redbook number is SG24-4730-00 and it is available on-line in HTML format. I tried grabbing it all with SiClone, and while that did sort of work, the document links were all hard-coded, making it a pain to look at locally. Does anyone know of a place to get this reference in INF format, or a convenient way to convert it to that?

A -- Any IBMer should be able to grab Redbooks in INF format from the internal ITSO sites. I do not know where (if at all) INF versions of Redbooks are still distributed externally, though.

- Kris Kwilas

Q -- I have a problem with the way Netscape Navigator displays images. When I use Navigator it opens one of the default multimedia viewers (IB.EXE) to display GIFs and JPGs. This IB.EXE is a huge hog on my machine and slows things to a crawl. I would prefer to have Navigator open some other program. Is this possible?

A -- It sure is and there is an even faster way too.

Click 'Options->General Preferences' from the Navigator menu and select the 'Helpers' tab. Now select the file type you want to modify (GIF, JPG, etc.) from the list. Finally, click 'View in Browser' to have the images displayed right in the main Navigator window. This means you won't have to load any external app!

Alternatively, click 'Launch the Application' and fill in the complete path to PMView or the viewer of your choice to launch that app instead of IB.EXE.

- OS/2 e-Zine! Staff

That's it for this month. If you have a tip or question that you don't see covered here, don't forget to send it in!

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