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May 16, 1997

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[Links for OS/2 graphic] Links for OS/2

OS/2 e-Zine! games editor, Colin Hildinger, gives us our first look at what just might be the world's best computer golf game.


Galileo 6x86-P166+ Mid-Tower - Francis Reddy

NetChat v1.00 - Ryan Dill
MSE - Ryan Dill
Xact v5.0 - Martin R. Hadam

Links for OS/2 - Colin Hildinger
Stella for OS/2 - Colin Hildinger
WarpTris v1.01 - Jorge Martins

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A Clear Look at Sundial Systems - Christopher Wright
Chris has a look at some upcoming plans from one of OS/2 oldest ISVs.

-Celebrity Corner-

Why We Don't Do Windows - Robert Mauro
OS/2 e-Zine! is proud to bring you this new feature where each month IBMers, ISVs, OS/2 industry personalities, and celebrities will be interviewed, share their opinions and more!

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