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vol. 2, no. 6
June 16, 1997

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Java, Java, Java
- by Brad Wardell


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-Hot Off the Press-

[PlusPak: PMINews for OS/2 graphic]

Exclusive Review of PlusPak: PMINews

SouthSide Software developed it, Stardock Systems published it and you have been waiting for it. Now, finally, OS/2 e-Zine! gives you the news on the newsreader that everone has been anticipating.


The Graham Utilities v2 - Jurgen Assfalg
DeskMan/2 v2.0 - Ryan Dill
Commander for OS/2 v2.24-4 - Pete Grubbs
moneyplex v1.0 - Marco Steinbach

Hewlett Packard Vectra - Chris Williams

Quake for OS/2 - Colin Hildinger
Nethack for OS/2 v3.2.2 - Colin Hildinger

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-Celebrity Corner-

The Technical Interchange Report - Rollin White
Each month, OS/2 e-Zine! brings you IBMers, ISVs, OS/2 industry personalities, and celebrities to share their opinions and more! This month, Sundial Systems' Rollin White gives us a tour of the premier OS/2 conference of the year.


Setting up a WWW server - Jorge Martins
Jorge tells us how to set up a cheap and efficient WWW server using OS/2.

Little Helpers - Eric Slaats
Eric discusses some small tools that make a developer's life much easier.

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