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Gaming News for July 1997- by Colin L. Hildinger

This is the first installment of a new monthly gaming news column. Each month, I will be summing up the latest news I can find that affects OS/2 gaming and gamers. Since this complements my Ultimate OS/2 Gaming Page, I hope to not miss any information; if you know something that you think I don't, let me know.

PlusPak: B.U.G.S. Released

Cramon Utilities and Stardock Systems have teamed up to release Bill's Unbelievable Ghastly Spaceships for OS/2. It's available from Stardock's commerce server for $24.95. See the review in this issue.

Codename: Tsunami

It seems an ex-Naval intelligence guy and self-proclaimed "OS/2 Grognard" named Rodney W. Harper is working on a naval warfare simulation game called Codename: Tsunami. It will probably be similar to Harpoon, and since he has a background in REAL simulations, I expect good things. He hopes to have a web page up soon with some early screen shots.

Digger for OS/2

Digger is a new shareware clone of the classic game Boulderdash has been released by Marco Schumann of Germany. It's an addicting little game and he's made several improvements in the last month or so. The current version is 1.20 and he's asking $10 registration.

Drilling Billy

The OS/2 version of Drilling Billy is being updated to use the 2.0 version of SVGA Kit so it will run in both DIVE and full screen modes. The DOS demo is really cool, so I can't wait to play the OS/2 version.

Entrepreneur Enters Final Beta

Brad Wardell of Stardock Systems has announced that the latest beta, 7C, will be the final beta of Entrepreneur. There will be some private gamma testing before the game is released, but it should be out soon. Look for a review right here in e-Zine!, hopefully in next month's issue!

G.W.A.N and Wall/2

G.W.A.N. is a new real-time strategy game that has recently been announced. Tels, the developer, has posted some early screen shots and has alpha code available for download.

Wall/2 looks to be a Breakout clone that Tels developed while learning to do the interface for G.W.A.N. Check out his page for further details, and sign up for his mailing list to receive periodic updates on his progress.

Handy for OS/2

It looks like Darrell Spice is up to it again. He's ported Stella, ComEm, and MasterGear to OS/2, and now he's getting ready to start working on an Atari Lynx emulator called Handy.

MOTE is Alive and Kicking

Look for a release of Masters of the Empire some time in the next month or so. I'm glad the guys at Trilliun are getting it out the door, because I can't wait to play it. You might also notice that they've started a new game (a sequel?) that will also be available for OS/2 and Win32.

Solar Systems Releases Stellar Frontiers Beta 6 to Testers

Work is progressing nicely on Stellar Frontiers. Beta 6 is out and I suspect beta 7 will be out soon. SF is looking like it will be a great network game. For those who don't already know, it's being written by Solar Systems and published by Stardock.

That's it for this month. Drop by next time to find out what has changed and what is new in the OS/2 gaming market!

Colin Hildinger is an Aerospace Engineering senior at Oklahoma State University and has been using OS/2 for the last 3 years. In addition to being the Games Editor for OS/2 e-Zine!, he maintains The Ultimate OS/2 Gaming Page and the AWE32 and OS/2 Page in his "spare" time.

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