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July 16, 1997

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-Hot Off the Press-

[PlusPak: B.U.G.S. graphic] Exclusive Review of PlusPak: B.U.G.S.

Stardock Systems makes the news again this month by publishing yet another highly anticipated program -- this time a game. This month, we take a look at the newest rage on the OS/2 arcade game scene, B.U.G.S.


Chorus for OS/2 - Christopher B. Wright
VoiceLearn v1.0 - Martin R. Hadam

EPSON ES-1000C Scanner (OS/2 Bundle) - Jon Winters

PlusPak: B.U.G.S - Colin Hildinger
MasterGear for OS/2 - Inteller Vaz
Doom for OS/2 - Colin Hildinger

-First Looks-

Java v1.1.1 for OS/2
Our reviewer looks at IBM's latest revision of that Java Virtual Machine.

-Reader Survey-

Results from our June Survey
Find out what your fellow readers told us last month!

What programs do you use?
Answer these 4 simple questions and find out how you compare to other OS/2 users. Results will be printed next month!

-Celebrity Corner-

OS/2 Past, Present and Future - Brad Wardell
Each month, OS/2 e-Zine! brings you IBMers, ISVs, OS/2 industry personalities, and celebrities to share their opinions and more! This month, Stardock Systems' Brad Wardell begins a three part series on the life and times of OS/2.

-The OS/2 Debate-

Focus: Paid Beta Programs - Chris Wright & Dr. Dirk Terrell
Join OS/2 e-Zine! staff as they debate some of the most controversial topics affecting OS/2 users today. Pick a side and join in!


OS/2 and RSA's Contests - Colin Hildinger
Colin explains what exactly these RSA contests are all about and where the name "Bovine" effort comes from...

Networking Warp and Windows - Brian Juergensmeyer
Ever wanted to connect Warp 4 and Windows machines in a peer-to-peer network? It's easy with these simple instructions from our man Brian...

[PlusPak: PMINews (USENET News Client)... Demo Available! (click here)]

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