vol. 2, no. 8
August 16, 1997

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Focus: Graphics Software
Bitmap Apps
ColorWorks & Impos/2 Updates
Embellish v2.01
Photo>Graphics Pro v2.0
SX Paint & WebAK
Vector vs. Bitmap: the Difference
Vector Apps
LogoArt v1.10
DrawCat v1.0
NeoN 2D Vector
3D Modelers
POV-Ray & ForeSpace
PMView, Galleria, & PMJpeg

Other Reviews

CCK Technologies P133 - Rodney Baker
Adesso NUForm Keyboard - Pete Grubbs

Widget Workshop for OS/2 - Colin Hildinger
Games Reviews Revisited - Colin Hildinger

Reader Surveys

Results from our July Survey
Find out what your fellow readers told us last month!

What do you think of Java?
Answer these 4 simple questions and find out how you compare to other OS/2 users. Results will be printed next month!

Celebrity Corner

OS/2 Past, Present and Future - Brad Wardell
Each month, OS/2 e-Zine! brings you IBMers, ISVs, OS/2 industry personalities, and celebrities to share their opinions and more! This month, Stardock Systems' Brad Wardell continues his three part series on the life and times of OS/2.

The OS/2 Debate

Cross-platform Development - Chris Wenham & Dr. Dirk Terrell
Join OS/2 e-Zine! staff as they debate some of the most controversial topics affecting OS/2 users today. Pick a side and join in!


CD-ROM Recording with OS/2 - Chris Williams
There are many reasons why you might want to record your own CDs; the question is can you?

The SIA Awards - Joe Dougherty
For the first time this year the Shareware Industry Association included OS/2 products in their annual awards voting. Naturally, OS/2 programs made out quite well. Our reporter brings you the full story.


From the Editor
Chris' Rant


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-End Notes-

Harry Martin
Help Desk
Top Software:
... Indelible Blue
... J3 Computer
... BMT Micro


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