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CONTENTS       Vol. 4, No. 6 - May 1, 1999
May 1st Edition
Aurora up close and personal, creating sophisticated graphics with GIMP/2, game programming in OS/2, plus more!
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- Reviews -

Aurora Up Close:

We got the gamma release of the new version of Warp Server and what could possibly be the foundations of a new Warp client. Come inside for an extensive look at the new technologies that Warp's been outfitted with.
Aurora, The Server - Chris Wenham
Aurora, The Solution - Bob St. John

First Looks and Nifty Gadgets - Christopher B. Wright and Brent R. Scott

- Articles -

Multiplatform Game Programming with OS/2 - Robert Basler
OS/2 isn't just a good platform for games, it's a good platform to develop games for all other platforms too. Join Robert with a new series starting this month.

A Guide to the Guides - J. P. Pasnak
There are many web sites available that offer oustanding free support for OS/2. J. P. covers just a few of the best here.

Creating Sophisticated Graphics in GIMP/2 - Chris Wenham
It's not hard to churn out smooth, crisp and sophisticated looking images in GIMP if you spend a while to learn a couple of basic tricks here and there. Chris gives detailed instructions that will help wow your peers.

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