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CONTENTS       Vol. 4, No. 7 - June, 1999
Fashionably Late!
High-speed internet access in OS/2, StarOffice 5.1, The K6-2 vs. K6-III, plus more than you needed to know for your next OS/2 trivia quiz. All in this month's issue.
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- Reviews -

StarOffice 5.1:

It's out and it's funky, it's StarOffice 5.1, an upgrade which gets you an easy conduit to your Palm Pilot under OS/2 as well as a few other nifty tricks. We took some first looks at it and discovered a few tips on the way.
StarOffice 5.1 - First Looks - Chris Wenham
StarOffice 5.1 - Tips - OS/2 e-Zine! Staff

The AMD K6-2 vs. the K6-III, Why Cache Matters - David Wei

First Looks and Nifty Gadgets - Christopher B. Wright

- Articles -

Thin Is In - Bob St. John
When is a thin client not a thin client? When is a thin client actually fatter than a fat client? Less is more, says Bob, and he'll tell you why.

Multiplatform Game Programming with OS/2, Part II - Robert Basler
In this installment, Robert discusses some of his favorite books and goes over what game programming libraries are available for multi-platform development.

Kill The Banners - Robert Basler
Advertising banners can annoy, iritate, and maybe even give you an epileptic attack. Built into Warp is a way to kill those banners, without even needing new software.

Mega Quiz! - Chris Wenham
Oh sure, you know what to put in the CONFIG.SYS to make a cup of coffee, and you know the lattitude and longtitude if the machine where the first line of OS/2's code was compiled, but we'll bet you a balloon full of bees that you don't know the answers to these questions. Hah!

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