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Chris Wenham is the Editor-In-Chief of OS/2 e-Zine! -- a promotion from Senior Editor which means he now takes all the blame.

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Summary: Our crack squad of trivia hounds have gathered this quietly deafening collection of the world's most ponderous OS/2 trivia questions. Astound your friends with your deep knowledge of Warp! Confound your enemies! Leap tall buildings with a single bound and eat an entire Jar Jar Binks Monster Mouth Candy Tongue! It's all here (minus the citrus laxative) for consumption today!

Microsoft's biggest mistake was:

a) Putting Bill Neukom in charge of the Antitrust trial defense

b) Putting "Bob" on the prosecution's computers to nuke 'em

c) Playing Duke Nukem instead of deleting all that incriminating e-mail

d) Rolling out a "new COM" to keep developers chasing after more stupid APIs

Which of the following were considered for an OS/2 theme tune?

a) "The night Chicago died" by Paper Lace

b) "My Partition will go on" - Celine Dion

c) "Fix Pack" by Z. Z. Top

d) "Warp, there it is" - Tag Team

"If I had one billionth of a penny for every time the computer trade press used the word 'XXXXXXXXXXX' gratuitously in an OS/2 article, I'd be a multi-quadrillionaire"

'XXXXXXXXXXX', in this case, is most likely to be:

a) 'the'

b) 'and'

c) 'it'

d) 'beleaguered'

The most interesting observation made about the differences between OS/2 and Windows is:

a) While OS/2 has a specific "Lockup" feature that you must activate deliberately, Windows will just do it anytime.

b) Windows will die when Microsoft wants it to.

c) Hippies went to Woodstock to get high. OS/2 users went to Warpstock to get even. And Windows users had to purchase stock to get their money back.

d) At least nobody got fired for choosing IBM. At least nobody missed a deadline for choosing Apple. And at least nobody got arrested for choosing Microsoft.

Can you find the copy of OS/2 that's hidden in this picture?

Find the copy of OS/2 hidden in this picture

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The answers are: 1) a. 2) Yes, beacuse Arizona is a state. 3) Twelve. 4) The Louisiana Purchase. 5) Sixty quid, and eight for the fruit bat. 6) Finland. Loosers can cry over their beer in our interactive forum.

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