OS/2 eZine

16 January 2001

Christopher B. Wright
Old Editor in Chief

Robert Basler
New Editor in Chief, Contributor

Simon Gronlund

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From the Editor
OS/2 eZine has a new Editor in Chief. The old one would like to take this time to say goodbye, and thanks. Christopher B. Wright. [more]

A Quick Hello
Robert Basler, OS/2 eZine's new Editor in Chief, says hello. [more]


MIDI Station Sequencer for OS/2
Christopher B. Wright finally writes this review. [more]

PwICQ for OS/2
Christopher B. Wright claimed that if PwICQ would ever run on his machine, he'd review it. It does, so he did. [more]


Running Your Own E-Mail Server With Weasel
Robert Basler discusses the ins and outs of setting up an e-mail server with Peter Moylan's Weasel. [more]

Match of the Century: eComStation vs. the Warp Convenience Pack
eComStation or the Warp Convenience Pack? Which should you buy? Robert Basler compares the two and makes some suggestions. [more]

Into Java, Part 13
Simon Gronlund gives us part 13 of his Java tutorial... [more]

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