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Vol. 1 No. 14
December 1996


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-TransWarp PlusPak


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Need for Speed
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-Up Front-

Music and OS/2

In addition to its native multimedia abilities, OS/2 has a large array of independent software vendors creating utilities to play your favourite music. Whether it's on a CD or a file on your hard drive, all you need is a sound card and a pair of speakers to enjoy your favourite tunes...

CD Player Round-up | MOD Player Round-up


WPTools v1.9 - Larry Ayers

YAOS v1.6 - Ryan Dill

STI Twain Plug-in for ColorWorks - John Dierdorf

-First Looks-

Corel Office for Java - Christopher B. Wright


CFSPoker v1.03 - Sidney Maplehurst


COMDEX Report and Rumours - Doug Hicken
Our man on the floor gives his thoughts on North America's largest computer fest.

How to Share an Internet Connection - Ethan Hall-Beyer
Sharing one dial-up connection on an OS/2 network can solve many problems in cramped quarters. Here's how our reviewer did it.

A Retail Experience: Minzloff Data - Chris Williams
Finding islands of OS/2 sanity can be a rare treat. Chris Williams visits one in Switzerland...

Warp's Manifold Offerings - Larry Ayers
Sorting through all the bells and whistles of Warp 4 can take some time and patience but it can be worth it.

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