OS/2 eZine

16 February 2001

Robert Basler
Editor in Chief

Pete Grubbs
Senior Editor

John Bijnens
Douglas Clark
Mark A. Dodel
Simon Gronlund
Marco J. Shmerykowsky, P.E.

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From the Editor
Over 2 Million Served. The first 31 days as Editor in Chief, and other news. [more]

A New Path
Pete Grubbs finally realizes the true nature of I.B.M. [more]


Polarbar Mailer
Marco J. Shmerykowsky, P.E. reviews a Java e-mail application with strong OS/2 roots. [more]

APC Back-UPS Office 500VA
UPS's aren't just for the datacentre anymore. Robert Basler reviews the APC Back-UPS Office. [more]

UPS Monitor for OS/2
If you have an APC UPS, you better check this out. Robert Basler reviews UPS Monitor for OS/2. [more]

Lexmark Z-51 Bubblejet Printer
Pete Grubbs reviews a printer with very nice print quality. [more]


Tax Solutions for U.S. OS/2 Users
Mark Dodel looks at TaxCut and AM-Tax. [more]

QuickTax for Canadian OS/2 Users
Time to settle up. Robert Basler looks at QuickTax. [more]

ftpd and FtpServer for OS/2
Jon Bijnens reviews ftpd and FtpServer and provides some industrial strength tools for your FTP needs. [more]

RAD Development with DrDialog
Douglas Clark covers the bases with this venerable OS/2 developer tool. [more]

Into Java Part 14
Simon Gronlund teaches us about streams and hash tables in Java. [more]

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