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February 16, 2002

"The monthly magazine of the OS/2 and eCS Community"

Robert Basler
Editor in Chief

Pete Grubbs
Senior Editor

Simon Gronlund
Cristiano Guadagnino
John Bijnens
Kent Hunter
James Cannon
Alessandro Cantatore
Gili Tzabari
Andrei A. Porodko
Douglas Clark
Bas Heijermans

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Norman Virus Control version 5 is now available for OS/2 users


From The Editor
Robert Basler - No more convenience packs folks. [more]


eComStation -- what will this child turn out to be?
Simon Gronlund offers some criticism and suggestions. [more]

How Secure Do You Want to Be?
Pete Grubbs - Cows, Crackers and You. [more]


Webmail/2 Version 10
Robert Basler looks at an easy email solution for people on the run. [more]

Maul Publisher v2.03
Cristiano Guadagnino reviews this desktop publishing program. [more]

Norman Virus Control 5 for OS/2
Robert Basler examines antivirus software even an OS/2 user will find useful. [more]


Norman and Weasel
John Bijnens adds virus scanning to his mail server. [more]

Backing up OS/2 HPFS Partitions Using Norton Ghost 7
Kent Hunter shows us how. [more]

OS/2 on the Cheap
James Cannon looks at getting OS/2 running with minimal expenses. [more]

Controlling PM Controls
Alessandro Cantatore shares programming techniques for Presentation Manager controls. [more]

Can't Get There From Here?
Gili Tzabari hunts down problems with his MTU. [more]

Mine tastes like purple...
James Cannon brings a little color to the OS/2 Command prompt. [more]

An Introduction to Security Part 2
Andrei A. Porodko talks about protecting communications over networks. [more]

ODBC on OS/2 Part 11
Douglas Clark looks at C++ classes for data access. [more]

The Art Department
Cool desktops for you. [more]


Ask Bas and John
Bas Heijermans and John Bijnens answer your OS/2 questions in this ongoing forum. [more]

February Forums
Questions for the authors? Disagree with us? Take it to the forums. [more]

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